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About us

The motto of Csillagshow

“If you look at our dance, you hear the words of our heart.”

The Csillagshow Dance Team is a dance association that has been in existence for 15 years, where besides the search for talented local youth and the future dancers,
it places great emphasis on the skills and abilities of young people, because dance is not only entertainment, but also useful pastime and mental activity at the same time.
The dance  styles represented by Csillagshow, are extremely diverse and versatile. Among our  styles you can find show dance, hiphop, funky, streetdance, disco, belly dancing,
and cheerleading. The unique nature of the Association lies in the fact, that all the styles are covered in a performance, so in their performances a completely new and unmistakable
dance style was born. If someone knows their job, they realize that their systemic element has always been creativity, faith and expertise. They have the honor, that this unique style
has been shown on several important domestic and international stage. Their dancers are year-by-year among the best, since 2010 street dance duo
is an absolute category first, four times world champion title winners. They deliver value through high-quality entertainment. For a couple of years, in the form of a dance theater,
they are doing current events and not just dancing, but express emotions and happenings on the stage.
Their dance theater production, Olimpia, received the highest professional recognition in 2017, They had the opertunity to perform on FINA,



The Paks Star Cheerleding Crew is the official cheerleading team of the Paksi ASE Basketball Team. Their productions consist of ground acrobatics, jumps, throws, elevations, cheer movements, dancing and cheering.


Dance Theatre

During our dance theater performances we may be involved in an experience, in which we call emotions and values in life, with the language of dance. In our presentations, dance, visual effects, costumes and sight are organically intertwined.


Our stand-alone events are organized every year: The glittering celebration charity event, the CsillagFény Parádé national dance competition, and the Alps Adriatic International Beauty Contest.

Fina 2017

Join Us

  • Phone.: +36303602075
  • Email: info@csillagshow.com
  • Seat: Paks
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